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Together with our partner Sicurpal, among the leaders in the industry, we stand with workers working at height every day to protect their most precious asset: life!

We protect the safety of workers with high-quality products against falls from height. Backed by a wealth of experience, we continuously seek cutting-edge solutions for safety at heights.

We can therefore offer you everything you need for safety in working at height.


  • Fixed point anchors
  • Temporary anchors
  • Lifelines
  • Binary



Not only products but also solutions

Through close cooperation with Sicurpal, we guarantee you an all-round service.

Free inspections and estimates throughout Ticino
Specialized technicians are available to analyze and evaluate your needs, creating ad hoc solutions

Design and technical assistance
Specialized engineers are in charge of drafting documents related to anchoring systems, required by law or to support you in drafting them

Material supply
Material certified in accordance with EN 795:2012

Installation and Installation Inspection
A staff of qualified installers installs and inspects the system in a workmanlike manner and issues the declaration of correct installation

Retrieval of installed systems lacking documentation
After careful evaluation of system conditions and compliance requirements, our professionals can provide the necessary documentation even for systems previously installed but lacking the design

Periodic Overhaul
Our qualified staff, equipped with electronic equipment, performs the overhaul and is able to document with charts every test to guarantee the quality of the service