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To work safely at heights, that is, above 2 meters in height, it is not only necessary to have the proper I.P.D., but it is equally essential that each worker be appropriately trained and educated in the use of fall protection and positioning I.P.D. for the specific task he or she will be called upon to perform.
According to SUVA's instructions, each worker must mandatorily undergo specific education and training to learn the proper use of 3rd category I.P.D. and the procedures and behaviors to be followed while working at height.

For this Sala Ferramenta, with its department Sala Safety, complements the sale of its range of products related to safety for work with the Training for qualification to use PPE Cat. III for work at height (often named anti-fall course).

Complementing the educational offerings are other courses.

Therefore, below are all the courses, organized by Sala Safety.

All courses issue a certificate of attendance with certification of skills acquired.

Courses, are held at
Via Pian Scairolo 28
6915 Lugano Noranco

Simone Parravicini
Resp. Sala Safety
+41 79 653 49 96