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Ttake is the private-label product selection of Sala Ferramenta, products dedicated to industry, characterized by the very high level of technologies and materials used.

Only European and Swiss products can aspire to be selected by our technicians to become a Ttake product.

Inside a Ttake product is a path of research and selection that makes all the difference. We love doing things well, and only excellence becomes a Ttake product!

Our goal is to meet the needs of each individual Client.

Ttake: a connoisseur's choice!


The best products for your work!

Browse the STORE! What it's all about. Store is the selection of the best products from our private label Ttake at great prices!

STORE 2018 offers a wide range of choices to meet a wide variety of needs in advanced industry and crafts.

The selection includes several areas: from cutting, cleaning, chip removal, hand tools, abrasives, spindles--and more!

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