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Thanks to our trusted partner Order System, we design and implement high-quality van outfitting solutions, fulfilling any job requirement!

Your vehicles will become true mobile workshops, 100 percent efficient, thanks to durable shelves, roof bars, plastic tool cases, metal dividers, plastic containers...

Order System is a leader in the commercial vehicle outfitting market, and with them we can offer you two product ranges: 

  • the historic steel range, STEEL 
  • The innovative 100% Aluminum range, ALU-TECH, which is unique in its kind

Why choose Order System?

  • Range among the most comprehensive on the market, the only ones to have a steel range and an aluminum range
  • Excellent value for money
  • Range modularity (many different sizes in depth, height and width). This allows for much more complete filling of all vehicle spaces than other brands
  • Aluminum: 9-year warranty
  • Steel: 3-year warranty
  • Quality certification and Crush test
  • Production 100% made in Italy 

Starting from the model of your van and according to your needs, we can make you a customized offer accompanied by 3D drawings.

Plans for vans

Van upholstery

Shelving and dividers for vans

Drawer cabinets for vans

Loading ramps for vans

Ladder racks and roof racks for vans

Van accessories

Outfittings for special vehicles